Residency at The Creekside Centre, Deptford

by The Creekside Hermit

From December 2009 until December 2010 I will be working as their artist-in-residence at The Creekside Centre, Deptford for one day a week.  I am using the diaries of Gilbert White as model for my time there, and will be making very simple observations about the weather, conditions, wildlife etc, and using this information as the basis for a series of paintings which I will show at the end of the year.

Doing a residency at Creekside really appeals to me because I have long been aware of the rupture between the arts and sciences. As an abstract painter it has been previously difficult for me to think of a “way in” to remedy this for myself. If only in a small way working at Creekside will be a way for me to breach this historical gap and using Gilbert White as a model will give me a starting point to the days before the split between the arts and sciences, man and the natural world.

Please go to for my diary entries.